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Dalat Waterfalls
Prenn fall is located at the foot of Prenn pass and is about 10 km from Da Lat. Around the fall area was once a thriving wild life refuge. Visitors to the fall can visit the various habitat of the animals in this region. Today, Prenn fall is a destination to visit in Da Lat. A local compared the scenery at Prenn fall to those drawn in paintings. The water falling from the top of the fall creates a sheet of silver pouring into a pool of water at the bottom. Behind this sheet of water is a wooden and bamboo bridge where visitors can cross behind the water.
Gougah fall is approximately 40 km from Da Lat. The fall is located 500 m to the left of route 20. Guga is 17 m high. Its waters path is naturally split in half mid way down the fall. The path to the right flows calmly to the bottom, while the path to the left has great turbulence and mist as the water strikes the rocks on its way to the bottom.